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Xiongda International Logistics has 13 years of experience in international logistics services. It provides first-way FBA transportation in the United States, first-way FBA transportation in Europe and international logistics services in other countr
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  • Specialized

    Familiar with Amazon FBA transport requirements, reasonable avoidance of the corresponding risks, to assist foreign customs clearance, tax collection and other services.
  • Value-added

    From receiving orders to sending them to Amazon warehouse, they are tracked by professional documentary personnel.
  • Efficiency

    Receiving order data, booking cabins in advance, arranging shipping in time, clearing procedures and appointing delivery time in advance abroad, the whole process is interlinked.
  • Wide coverage

    Over 100 countries and regions around the world are providing door-to-door services to cities above the provincial level.
  • Intensification

    With a number of airlines and express companies have contracted freight rates, affordable prices, space assurance, intensive reduction of transport costs.
  • Safeguarding

    Self-developed international logistics query management system, seamless connection of the whole service link.
FBA customized service, customer satisfaction as high as 98%focus on Amazon FBA logistics, 98% of users are good!
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13 years experience in international logistics industry focusing on FBA first-haul transportation

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Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2006. Through the unremitting efforts of Xiongda people, the company has developed into a comprehensive international logistics enterprise, covering more than 90 large and medium-sized cities in China and more than 100 countries and regions in the world. It has laid a good foundation for further development of the company. 。 So far, the company's core business covers international express delivery, international air transport, International Maritime transport, overseas warehouses, four major sectors. Xiongda people always provide customers with perfect one-stop international logistics solutions, and make every effort!

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